Prem Krishnamurthy

Episode 25 - Embracing Juxtaposition: A Conversation with Prem Krishnamurthy

A conversation with artist, designer, and educator Prem Krishnamurthy.


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Today's conversation is with Prem Krishnamurthy, designer, author, and educator. His multifaceted work explores the role of art as an agent of transformation at an individual, collective, and structural level. This manifests itself in books, exhibitions, images, performances, publications, systems, talks, texts, and workshops.

He is one of those thinkers and makers whose brain is spinning out ideas and reflections as fast as you can absorb them. And I appreciate so much his emphasis on the importance of embracing juxtaposition as a prerequisite not only for artistic creativity but also as a key ingredient for healthy civic life. He argues that there is no singular America, but instead a multiplicity of Americas just as there is no singular individual: we are all collections of paradox and competing interests. He pushes against our tendency toward narrowly defining each other at every level. We also talk about the ways in which the world will forever be hybrid, there's no going back to the old technologies. And we reflect on how we might take what was learned from the "zoomacene" (his word) and build that into the ways in which we come together now.

I hope you find this conversation to be inspiring and nourishing.

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