Ruby Lerner

Episode 24 - Conditions for Creativity: A Conversation with Ruby Lerner

A conversation with arts executive Ruby Lerner.


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Having worked in the arts in NYC for about 15 years now, a constant inspiration has been Ruby Lerner. I have found her profound commitment to the importance of artists in building a more imaginative and rich culture in this country to be the gold standard in designing rational approaches to arts funding.

If you are an artist, or someone who cares about the health and wellbeing of the arts in the United States, I think you will find this conversation to be both insightful and inspirational. There's only one Ruby and I am honored to be able to work with her through my directorship at Eyebeam, where she serves on the board. It was a pleasure to dig into the shifts since the meltdown of the NEA in the 90's to the current version of the culture wars we are experiencing now, from her perspective, as an arts executive since the 80's.

As she finalizes a new archive and website of her work and the artists that she has engaged with, this was a fine moment to capture conversations that we typically have offline.

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