Jonathon Keats

Episode 19 - De-Escalating Complexities

A conversation with artist Jonathon Keats.


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Today's episode of Informer, part 1 of 3 Dog Days Special episodes, is with experimental philosopher and artist Jonathon Keats. Jonathan's work forefronts ways in which decisions are made in technology, highlighting the fact that they are decisions, not inevitabilities. He talks about technology as a way in which we become who we are and one which can also *distort* who we become. I think you'll enjoy this episode, as it articulates a lot of the topics that I've been exploring this year. i find his work to provide an insightful foundation, a look at the first causes that brought us to where we are, from human's first use of the pick axe to this moment of emergent capitalisms based on surveillance and instrumentalization of behavior. Jonathon has a background in philosophy and brings it to bear in a practice that is always burrowing into our innate relationships between the technologies we create and how that influences our sense of self.

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