B Covington

Episode 18 - Talismanic Media

A conversation with sound artist B Covington.


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B Covington, a multi-modal sound artist whose work is as formally challenging as it is joyfully satisfying, was in New York last month and sat down for a conversation with me at my office in Brooklyn. I enjoyed our time so much an it is the first episode of Informer that was recorded in person.

We started by talking about the incredibly radical work of the Public Television Workshop, creators of Sesame Street, and the influence that had on B's practice and his ideas around "public narrativity". Our rollicking, wide-ranging conversation then took us many places, including their contemplation of the media's framing of the relationship between Michael Jackson and his sister LaToya and how that acts as inspiration for their new composition. I also enjoyed B's thinking about ways we might work more closely with AI as a creative force.

I think of this conversation as part three of my "AI Personhood" series that began with an interview with K Allado-McDowell, followed by James Bridle in episode 17. I encourage you to check those out if you haven't already.

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