Julia Kaganskiy

Episode 15 - New Art Infrastructures

A conversation with cultural strategist and curator Julia Kaganskiy.


Julia Kaganskiy

New Inc

The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity


I've known Julia for over a decade and have admired her fearless approach to both creating communities through her Art and Tech Meetups which ran for years throughout New York City and then to her leadership in the creation of New Inc, an art and tech incubator with the New Museum. She's also developed a fantastic career as an independent curator, which she shares more about in our conversation.

I really enjoyed this chance to catch up with her and hear what she's seeing as being exciting developments in the fields of art, technology, and science. And we had a great time discussing what an inter-institutional approach to building a new tech-art infrastructure could be, as a counterpoint to the dominance of a few tech. companies. We get into the weeds on potential funding structures that would allow non-profits to collaborate to build a more humane and human version of the metaverse.

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