Informer invites audiences behind the screen to meet the people sketching, hacking, and imagining the next versions of our world.

Hosted by Roddy Schrock, Informer spotlights creative minds grappling with a changing world through art, technology, or both. Schrock connects with friends in lively, critical dialogue to learn more about what sparks their imagination.

Roddy Schrock is an arts organizer and curator, with a career in digital art and production spanning over two decades and three continents. As the executive director of Eyebeam, he guides its focus to realign societal relationships with emergent technologies through art. Schrock makes Brooklyn home where he lives with his partner, the writer Joon Oluchi Lee.

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Kate Crawford
Episode 1

A conversation with...
Researcher, Kate Crawford

Zach Lieberman
Episode 10

A conversation with...
Artist Zach Lieberman (coming soon)

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Episode 11

To come...

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Episode 12

To come...

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